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A work of fiction?

Last night, our local ABC affiliate WXYZ TV aired the first of a two-part news story by investigator Heather Catallo on the "explosive" revelations in my book. When asked to respond to my reporting on a cover-up of the Chris Busch lead, the Michigan State Police reportedly said to Heather: "We don't comment on works of fiction."


How is that almost eight years of reporting, 20 pages of notes and citations, thousands spent on FOIA requests for documents and the cooperation of the former OCCK Task Force Commander a work of fiction?

It was a spineless response and a slap in the face to the families of the four victims.

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This is how MSP treats the familes of the victims-- downright despicable! Perhaps the MSP is actually stating that their work is in fact, the work of fiction, since much of their evidence is sited in this fine book, The Snow Killings!


Sep 09, 2020

Not commenting on what they defined as ‘fiction’ is as ignorant as calling it ‘fake news’. The comment also speaks volumes.

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